Why Choose ACP Early Intervention

Who We Are:

ACP Early Intervention operates as an approved New York State Early Intervention Service Provider. We provide home-based and center-based Early Intervention programming for children ages three and under who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities.

What We Offer

Our staff and clinicians are some of the best! They are compassionate, friendly, highly-skilled individuals working with clients, families, each other, and the wider community to provide comprehensive care and services. Join our team.

Our Employees

Our employees, formerly MKSA and City Pro Group, each bring over 25 years of experience to those they serve!  We have worked as a team to help children with developmental disabilities and their families Achieve Countless Possibilities. We are proud of our experienced professionals who can address a multitude of developmental and educational needs that can accelerate a child’s progress. Our agency’s special strength comes from our years of experience, our emphasis on advanced training, our ability to accentuate the positive, and our strong sense of personal commitment to each child.

Our Disciplines Our Professionals Are Here To Help Achieve Countless Possibilities!

As a multicultural team, we recognize, understand, and honor each family’s unique needs and preferences during the entirety of the evaluation process. Additionally, our services are thoughtfully provided in a multitude of languages, so you and your child feel informed and at home.

Could My Child Benefit From Services?

By the time a child is 4, some of the most important learning that will ever happen has already taken place! During these early years, all children grow and develop at individual rates. We look to help advance children’s progress.
If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us!

NASSAU & SUFFOLK: 516-731-5588 WESTCHESTER & NEW YORK CITY 718-769-2698

If A Child Is Determined Eligible, EI Services May Include:

mujer-que-juega-nino-sala-juegos (1)
Adorable caucasian girl playing with hoops sitting on floor at kindergarten
Special Instruction:

Services provided to enhance a child’s development of learning, play and social skills

Applied Behavior Analysis:

ABA: a systematic behavior approach in treating children, primarily used in children with autism

Speech/ Language Therapy:
Helps children with expressive (spoken) and/or receptive (understanding) language delays
Feeding Therapy:

Helps children who have motor difficulty with chewing or swallowing


Helps a child develop motor control and proper oral muscular movements

Physical Therapy:

Helps develop large muscle skills needed for crawling, walking and climbing

Occupational Therapy:

Helps develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, self-help skills, sensory and motor development

Social Work:

Provides information, emotional support and assistance for family members in accessing community resources

Tutor with pupil. Little girl studying. Private lesson. Mother plays with her daughter.

Works with a child or members of the family on issues surrounding or impacted by the child’s developmental delay

Family Training:

Teaches parents and caregivers strategies for helping their child achieve success in daily activities

Service Coordination:

Helps the family navigate the early intervention system as well as other services available

What Our Families Are Saying!

Locations Of The Areas We Serve

Brooklyn Center

1930 Bedford Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phone: 646-666-3088

Plainview Center

125 E. Bethpage Rd Suite 5
Plainview, NY 11803

Phone: 516-731-5588

Bronx Center

2105 Jerome Ave
Bronx, NY 10453

Phone: 718-769-2698

Questions or concerns? Please contact us.

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